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In-flight icing occurs mostly during airplane take-off and approach where the airplane ground speed is still low enough to permit ice accretion, due to supercooled water droplets impingement. If unaddressed, such occurrences can be fatal. The problem is compounded by the large power requirements during take-off and landing which might affect the ice protection systems performance adversely. In this work, the Eulerian-Eulerian 3-D approach to calculating water droplet impingement is presented, with validation results in both 2-D and 3-D. A 3-D analysis is also carried out over a Convair-580 nose and cockpit geometry. This full-scale 3-D analysis is a simulation of a flight segment of the Canadian Freezing Drizzle Experiment as conducted by the Atmospheric Environment Services. Special emphasis is given to side window impingement on the Convair-580. The advantages of the Eulerian approach over the classical Lagrangian approach are also discussed.