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high quality 5pcs lot 1m dupont line two phase hx2 54 4pin to 6pin terminal motor connector cables for 42 stepper motor купить по лучшей цене

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Brand Jtron Model 03100438 Quantity 1 Color Green Material Glass fiber + plastic + iron Specification Input voltage is DC9-32V the maximum output current of 2.2A Features Designed for micro-stepping motors Application For your DIY project English Manual/Spec Yes Other Product description: 1. Stepper motor driver designed for micro stepping motor can drive 24283942etc 2.2A current hybrid two-phase stepping motor has a very high price. This section also can drive 57 motors but is not recommended with 57 motor work for a long time if need the motor 57 you can use the TB6560 drive or THB7128 drive. The stepping motor driver has the following features: support the whole step 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 a total of 8 kinds of subdivision. 2. The maximum output current is 2.2A can be matched with various 2A within the 2 phase of small step motor current 0.2-2A stepless adjustable arbitrarily set. Potentiometer is stepless current scale marks are for reference. If your machine is the intermediate can be 0.5A to 0.4A and 0.6A scale 3. Input voltage for the DC9-32V. is equipped with a power indicator. 4. Input circuit with anti power reverse design more safety. 5. Automatic flow on / off function work more like. Set to switch M4. 6. Attenuation mode control function. In the matching of different types of stepper motor control can work in different ways so that the operation of the motor is more stable noise vibration control to a minimum. Set as close to the LED indicating lamp position potentiometer. The matching of the motor adjust the potentiometer the vibration and noise to a minimum to motor. 7. Industry-standard input and output interfacesstrong compatibility can support a total of yin or Yang connection. Equipped with a large radiator the screw and the fixed column more convenient to use. Terminal description: The signal input: 1. PUL+/CLK+: pulse signal input positive terminal 2. PUL-/CLK-: pulse signal input negative terminal. 3. DIR+/CWW+: Motor forward and reverse control positive terminal 4. DIR/-CWW-: Motor forward and reverse control negative terminal 5. EN (A) /FREE+: Motor offline control the positive terminal. 6. EN (A) /FREE-: Motor offline control negative end. The motor winding connection: 1.A+/OUT1A: connecting the motor winding A. 2.A-/OUT2A: connecting the motor winding A- 3.B+/OUT1B: connecting the motor winding B 4.B-/OUT2B: connecting the motor winding B-. Special note: don't (1) (3) or (2) (4) cross connected to the motor line will burn drive. When debugging the best connected motor line measured with a multimeter drive terminals: A+ A- is the same B+ B- is the same. A+ and B+ are not connected so as to power on test machine. Connected with the working voltage: 1. V+/VM :Connect the DC positive power 2.V-/GND: Connect the DC negative power Matters needing attention: 1.Drive power capacity of at least match should have more than 2.Otherwise unstable work. 2. Motor lines cannot cross the AB line or burning drive. 3. When using PLC to add on about 2K current limiting resistor or burning drive. Packing List 1 x Stepper Motor Drive