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high quality 5pcs lot 1m dupont line two phase hx2 54 4pin to 6pin terminal motor connector cables for 42 stepper motor купить по лучшей цене

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Product Overview M542V2.0 type drive motor has a lower heat noise and higher running smoothly primarily driven 42 57-type two-phase hybrid stepping motor. Micro-step subdivision have 15 species the maximum number of steps to 25000Pulse/rev; their work peak current range of 1.0A~4.2A output current total have eight files the current resolution is about 0.45A; with automatic half current overvoltage and overcurrent protection functions. The drive is a DC power supply recommended operating voltage range of DC 24~36V voltage does not exceed DC 50V not less than DC 20V. Drive function Micro-step the number of subdivision settings: Drive function Micro-step subdivision the number of settings: By the SW5-SW8 four DIP switches to set the number of micro-step subdivision the drive which has 15 files micro-step. When users set the micro-step you should stop the drive to run. Output current setting: the SW1-SW3 three dial switch to set the driver output current the output current total of eight files. Automatic half current function: Users can set up automatic half current function drives through SW4.Off represents the quiescent current is set to half the dynamic current on represents a static current and dynamic current of the same. General applications should take SW4 set to off that the motor and the drive to reduce fever increased reliability. After a burst of about 0.4 seconds to stop automatically reduced to about half of the current (60% of the actual value) reduced to 36% of the theoretical heat. Signal Interface: PUL + and PUL-control pulse signal positive terminal and a negative terminal; DIR + and DIR-signal for the direction of the positive terminal and a negative terminal; ENA + and ENA-enable signal to the positive terminal and a negative terminal. Motor Interface: A + and A- connected to the positive and negative terminal of the stepper motor A phase winding; B + and B- connected to the positive and negative terminal of the stepper motor B phase winding. When the A B two-phase windings exchange can reverse the motor direction. Power Interface: DC power supply operating voltage range is recommended for the DC 20~50V Power greater than 100W. Indicator: drive has red and yellow these two kinds of lights when the drive is powering the green light on; Red is a fault indicator when an overvoltage overcurrent fault the fault lights lit. After the fault is cleared the red light is off. When a drive fails only the power on again and re-enabled in order to clear the fault. Installation Instructions Installation pitch of 112mm both horizontal and vertical installation we recommend using the vertical installation. When installed it should be close to the metal cabinet to facilitate cooling.