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This Wireless Remote Control Switch consists of a 86 type wall panel transmitter (2 buttons ) and two receivers. The transmitter can be stuck anywhere with the 3M sticker included. Features 86 type panel wall remote transmitter with 2 buttons. Transmitter an be stuck anywhere. Transmission distance up to 200m. Output State: Momentary, Toggle, Latched adjusted freely by soldering with different dot . A: Momentary: No connection is Momentary. B: Toggle: Connect "T& Mid Dot "is Toggle. C: Latched: Connect "L& Mid Dot" is Latched. Momentary: Press the Transmitter button, the receiver relay is ON, release button; the receiver relay is OFF Toggle: Press transmitter button for 1 time, the receiver relay is ON, press button again, the receiver relay is OFF Latched: Press transmitter button A, the receiver relay is ON, Press the transmitter button B, the relay is OFF. Learning Method: Keep pressing the learning button, the LED indicator flash fast then press the transmitter button, until the LED indicator stop to flash fast, it mean learning successfully. Remove code: Keep pressing the Learning Button on the receiver until the LED indicator flash fast until it flash slow 2 times. it mean the code have cleared successfully. Specifications Working Voltage AC220V (Input AC220V Output AC220V) Max Current 10A (have better lower than 7A ) Channel 1CH Working Frequency 315Mhz/433Mhz Receiver sensitivity -105Db Working temperature -10\'C - +60\'C Output way Momentary. Toggle .Latched Adjustable Code type Learning code Add Controller by the Learning Button on the receiver Transmitting Distance 10m-200m Battery Type 12V 27A (not included) Package Contents 1 x Transmitter, 2 x Receiver