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heavy load 500kgs 5000n 24v 5mm s speed 212 5mm stroke dc electric linear actuator купить по лучшей цене

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Direct current (DC) motors have variable characteristics and are used extensively in variable-speed drives. DC motor can provide a high starting torque and it is also possible to obtain speed control over wide range. Why do we need a seed motor controller? For example, if we have a DC motor in a robot, if we just apply a constant power to each motor on a robot, then the poor robot will never be able to maintain a steady speed. It will go slower over carpet, faster over smooth flooring, slower up hill, faster down hill, etc. So, it is important to make a controller to control the speed of DC motor in desired speed. DC motor plays a significant role in modern industrial. These are several types of applications where the load on the DC motor varies over a speed range. These applications may demand high-speed control accuracy and good dynamic responses. In home applications, washers, dryers and compressors are good example. In automotive, fuel pump control, electronic steering control, engine control and electric vehicle control are good examples of these. In aerospace, there are a number of applications, like centrifuges, pumps, robotic arm controls, gyroscope controls and so on.