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Aluminium Quick Change Trigger Capo Tuner Clamp For Acoustic Electric Guitar Ukulele Features: 1.Can be used for normal guitar, acoustic folk guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar, ukulele 2.With high sensitivity, more accurate, precise, convenient and rapid Specifications: 1.Color: Coffee, Silver 2.Tuning item: Tuning under special key: C(Chromatic) String instrument tuning: Guitar(G) Bass(B) 3.Tuning range: A0(27.5Hz)~C8(4186Hz) 4.A4 calibration: 430Hz~450Hz 5.Tuning mode: Clip 6.Tuning accuracy: 1cents 7.Half-note tuning item: b bb bbb 8.Power: 1xCR2032(3V) Usage instructions 1.Install the battery 2.Power on/off: Press "Power" button, the LCD display turns red initially and the tuner is ready to detect the vibration Note: a.The tuner can avoid the wrong detection so it can be used when the external circumstance is noisy. b.Please use the clamp of the tuner to clip the instrument tightly where the tuner can easily detect the obvious vibration and do not affect playing the instrument. 3.Choose the tuning items: When power is on, press "item" to choose the tuning items, which is initially ranging from guitar tuner(G) bass tuner(B) to chromatic tuner(C) in sequence Note: a.Under(C)Chromatic tuning mode, the tuner just shows the note name of the sound. When the tuning item is set in guitar tuner(G)or bass tuner(B)mode, the tuning item belongs to string instrument tuning. b.Under string instrument tuning mode, the tuner shows the string number and the corresponding note name. 4.A4 callibration setting: Press "A4/flat" to increase or decrease the A4 frequency in every 1Hz ranging from 430Hz to 450Hz Note: Normally A4=440Hz, if A4 frequency setted more than 440Hz, the pitch of the instrument you tuned will be sharp. Otherwise, it will be flat. 5.Half-note tuning setting: Under guitar tuner(G)or bass tuner(B)mode, keep pressing "A4/Flat" for 1.5 seconds to choose b bb bbb 3 half notes in sequence, and continue pressing "A4/Flat" to exit Note: The function can just be found under guitar or bass tuner mode. 6.Note: If there is no operation or no signal input detected for 30 seconds, it will turn power-saving mode automatically, the backlight will be off until there is operation or signal input, the backlight will be on again Package included: 1 x Guitar Tuner 1 x CR2032 Battery 1 x User Manual