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Portable Pocket Guitar Practice Tool Gadget Guitar Chord Trainer 6 Fret Description: Name: Pocket guitar Material: Alloy plastic(shell) Natural rosewood(Fret) Folk strings Weight: About 300g Dimensions: Closed approx 26cm x 5cm x 3.5cm Open approx 44.5cm x 5cm x 3.5cm Features: 1. 100% brand new and high quality 2. Pocket guitar allows you to practice and improve your guitar skills in guitar unfriendly spots such as: cars, airplanes, the office, school, dinner table, and virtually an other place your pocket will fit, but your guitar won't. it is extremely portable and makes it the ultimate go anywhere, play everywhere guitar practice tool 3. Practice your guitar chords wherever you go without bothering anyone 4. Great for beginners and experts 5. Portable and durable 6. Features real strings and real frets plus a strum pad for rhythm 7. Strings can be adjusted and replaced 8. Six frets for practicing chords and scales 9. 6 selectable colors (black, white, emerald-green, red, yellow, indigo) Note: This product is the auxiliary tool for the guitar. It can't issue a standard guitar sound. Applies to those who can keep practicing and determined to speed up the guitar skills. Package Included: 1* Pocket guitar 1* Protect bag 1* Hex screwdriver 1* Pick Chord Chart: Click here