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gtf 3 7v 4000mah 18650 battery rechargeable battery li ion 18650 battery for led flashlight torch купить по лучшей цене

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Specification: Product name: MECO 4000mAh Protected 18650 Battery Capacity : 4000mah (tested by the manufacture maybe can not reach 4000mah) Voltage : 3.7V. Rechargeable Times : Up to 500 times. Size : 69mm x 18mm (length x diameter) Color: blue Quantity: 4pcs Features : Over charge and discharge protection circuit. Safe and environmental friendly. Good packing and safe shipping for the battery. Battery appliances such as emergency lighting, portable devices, power tools. WARNING: DO NOT dispose in fire or heat. DO NOT puncture,damage,and disassemble. DO NOT mix fresh batteries with used batteries. Package included : 4 x MECO 4000mAh Protected 18650 Battery