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If you're looking for batteries that will perform well without costing a large amount of money these WF CR123A 3.0V Primary Lithium Batteries are the perfect solution. Sold in a money-saving five-pack the batteries are genuine lithium ion cells designed to operate at both high and low temperatures so that you can use your battery-operated devices anywhere. Despite their low price these lithium batteries are designed to perform every bit as well as the brand name batteries that sell for much more. For best results do not mix these batteries with old batteries inside of a device. These batteries are not rechargeable; however we do have CR123A rechargeable batteries available for purchase separately in 3-Volt and 3.6-Volt models. The WF CR123A primary Lithium battery provides excellent continuous power sources to your devices. The battery is good in low and high temperature operation. The CR123A Lithium battery is widely used in products such as torch cameras and other portable consumer electronic devices. - Best quality of the similar product in the market - Do not mix fresh battery with used Lithium batteries or other batteries type or rechargeable battery - DO NOT RECHARGE this battery Important: These are primary 3.0V lithium batteries. Do not attempt to recharge them. . If you are looking for rechargeable CR123A batteries we have both 3.0V and 3.6V versions available.