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good quality one year guarantee inductive nj40 u1 w4 proximity switch купить по лучшей цене

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This Patrol Hawk smart controller is designed for the smart home security equipment. With built-in one key to set up the defense, one key to withdraw defense, this smart remote controller also has SOS function. The built-in battery has a long using life of up to half a year. Being exquisite from the appearance, it is your best choice for home remote controlling. Features Premium quality with exquisite appearance Won German Red Dot Design Award Good touch feeling and easy to use One key to put up defense One key to withdraw defense One key to call SOS Long life built-in battery up to half a year Specification Power DC 6V(CR1620, 3V x 2PCS) Stable Current ≤0uA Working Current ≤10mA Working Frequency 433.92MHz Working Indicator Blue LED Button Quantity 4 Code Type EV1527 Decoding ASK