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furminator brush comb pet deshedding tool for medium dog cat купить по лучшей цене

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This tool is designed to reduce shedding better than any brush comb or rake. This tool works effectively for all shedding breeds of dogs and cats. It can handle both long-haired and short-haired pets. It addresses the issue of the undercoat which can become a dense mess of loose dead hair and the major source of shedding and the allergies and cleanliness problems. The pet will enjoy the feeling that the tool provides. The tool is proven to decrease shedding by 60 to 80 percent for about four to six weeks. The ball head pin brush can gently remove debris and loose hair without harm. Redistributes natural oils for a healthy shiny coat. Features: Guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush comb or other regular rake. Reduces shedding up to 90%. Quickly and easily removes undercoat and loose hair. There's a hole on the handle so it's very convenient for hanging use. Comfortable handle to prevent sliding. Gentle ball head pin design. Suitable for: Long and short-haired dogs cats monkeys and any other pets with fur shedding problems.