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Digital surveillance systems (CCTV) are increasingly being used for daily security concerns globally. This technology holds a huge potential for deterring crime and monitoring for various applications. This text is a succinct, down to earth introduction to CCTV with adequate exercise activities. It contains 6 modules. Module 1 is introduction to Digital Surveillance systems (Closed Circuit Tele-Vision-CCTV). Module 1 discussed the types of CCTV systems with proper comparison. Module 2 is all about the Cameras used in CCTV systems. Module 3 discuss selection of appropriate hardware required for CCTV system. Module 4 is concentrates on the cables and connectors for CCTV system with practical crimping visual guides. Module 5 is an introduction to the software that makes all CCTV simulations, calculations and visualization possible. Module 6 concludes with the process and documentation for CCTV installation.