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The present investigation entitled "Effect of drying and chemical preservative on storage life and quality of banana fig (Musa paradisiaca L.) cv. Grand Naine’’ was conducted at the Post Graduate and post harvest technology laboratory of N.M. College of Agriculture, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari during the month of January to June, 2009. The combination of hot-air drying + 0.1% KMS + room temperature treatment proved superiority in respect to higher content of acidity, total sugar and reducing sugar while the TSS, pH and non-reducing sugar was remained steady with decreasing level during storage period.Considering the sensory evaluation of banana fig in respect to colour, flavour, texture, taste and overall consumers acceptance, the treatment combination of oven drying + 0.2% KMS + 160C temperature condition showed best quality products during the entire storage period. Hence these treatment combination out rightly well adopted while banana fig processing.