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The Rindon OZ-70 HEPA air purifier clean the air inside their car without opening their car window, eliminating dust, pollen, bacteria and even odors etc. 3 Stage Purification System Primary filter, active carbon, HEPA filter, OZ-70 car air purifier can purify the pollutants, fresh air and remove unpleasant smell. Smart Power Off When the car stop, it will stop working right away. Power saving, smart HEPA air purifier for cars. LED Indicator Showing Air Quality The air purifier can monitor the air quality automatically. The red indicator light shows poor air quality while the blue/purple indicator shows good air quality. Smart & Adjustable Air Volume The volume, speed and the sound of this car odor eliminator can be adjustable automatically, depending on the different pollution level. Centrifugal Turbine Double Fans Fat fan speed, strong motor, OZ-70 can release more anion and clean a large volume of air, good air purification effect. Specifications Brand Rindon Model OZ-70 Name Car Air Purifier Power 6.3W Voltage DC 12V Application Area About 6 square meter Rated Air Flow 32m³/H Noise Less than 50dB Concentration of Negative Ions 20 million/s Product Weight 700g Product Size (L x W x H) 210 x 152 x 59 mm Package Contents 1 x OZ-70 Car Air Purifier