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This 10-session teaching series can be used by small groups, churches, and individuals for six- and twelve-week-long formats. Each session is approximately 15 minutes long and leads participants through the content of the book, Life with a Capital L. The participants' guide includes questions for group discussion and individual response, and also contains helps and instruction for group leaders. The gospel is not about "living better" or "becoming more religious" or "waiting for heaven." It's about how God wants us to live bigger, fuller lives--right now, right here. Pastor Matt Heard says that the world around us doesn't see Christians as freed human beings enjoying life, but as people imprisoned by frantically trying to do everything right. So where's the good news? they ask. Heard answers by exploring the ten big themes of gospel, unlike much of what we've heard before, yet deeply and profoundly rooted in the Bible. Heard says that God doesn't call us to become more spiritual or more religious--he calls us to become more fully human. The gospel is about embracing our humanity--as Christ does. Christ said, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." He didn't mean eventually. God wants us to experience life with a capital L. Now.