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In the aftermath of violent civil conflict, there can be no genuine peace in the absence of better human security, human development and reconciliation. For this reason, UN and its collaborating partners believe and strongly support the implementation of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) of individuals that are directly involved in those conflicts in order to pave the way for postwar reconstruction work and general developmental initiatives. Therefore, No Work, No Peace: Livelihoods of Ex-Combatants in Monrovia, Liberia tries to explore the livelihoods of the ex-combatants in Monrovia through the use of three concepts or school of thoughts (Human Security, Human Development and Reconciliation) to see the impact of DDR on their lives. The study then found that most of the ex-combatants were unemployed; they had no stable sources of income and place to live. They were using illegal means such as armed robbery and criminal gang banditry to support themselves. The DDR failed to help prepare and reintegrate the ex-combatants into civilian life. The program also failed in making the ex-fighters responsible members of their communities despite the time and resources.