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ef5500te automatic voltage regulator gasoline купить по лучшей цене

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Brand N/A Model N/A Quantity 1 Color Blue + black Material Electronic components Features With voltage meter display Voltage meter range: 0~40V error: +/- 0.1V; Button to switch measurement of the input or output voltage and LED indicates the current measurement of the input or output voltage; Automatic conversion display input and output real-time monitor the voltage; With power indicator; With connecting terminal; With opposite connection short-circuit overcurrent overheating protection; Specification Input voltage: limiting value 4.5~40V recommended value 5.0V~36V; Output voltage: limiting value 1.2~35V recommended value 1.5~32V Adjustable output voltage; Output current: limiting value 0~3A recommended value 0~2A Application DC power step-down voltage regulator module English Manual/Spec No Packing List 1 x Module