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edison retro vintage lamp loft style industrial pendant lighting with 2 lights and glass bottle shade for dinning room купить по лучшей цене

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A succinct guide to a Human Factors programme of work This book provides a reference for project managers to assist in identifying the key rudiments of good Human Factors design. It is intended to be used in conjunction with an appointed Human Factors manager as part of a detailed design programme, read by all engineers and designers in order to establish a wide understanding across the whole team of the importance of Human Factors. Human Factors in Military and Industrial Control Room Design offers succinct advice, tailored for rapid injection into complex Human Factors programmes, together with applicability to any control room design, military or industrial. Applications include warship control rooms, command centres, fire and accident response centres, chemical plants, nuclear installations, oil rigs, refineries and other similar industries. Key features: A template for a thorough Human Factors programme of work. Applicability to any control room design. Aims to address operator workload and optimise system performance, comfort and safety. Can save significant costs by optimised system integration and enhanced system operation. It is advised that project managers use Human Factors in Military and Industrial Control Room Design as a template to develop a control room «Operating Philosophy» and «Human Computer Interface (HCI) Style Guide» for their own purposes within the constraints of their specific industry.