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Driving in congested traffic greatly increases our risk of heart disease and lung disease due to the toxic emissions from vehicles around us. This great Anion Ozone device purifies the air inside our car and also eliminates germs and bacteria that can create odd smells as well as make us sick. Simply plug in the power cord to your car cigarette light and your ready to go; right out of the box. It’s your chance to enjoy fresh air while being inside your vehicle. - Model: BO11 - Material: Plastic casing - Clean and freshen the air inside your car or home - Effectively get rid of smog exhaust dust bacteria & other germs lurking inside - Power consumption: 6W - Anion output: 3 million / cm3 / s - Airflow :8.8-10.5m3/min - Powered by car/AC power (Adapters included) - Package includes: - 1 x Air Purifier - 1 x Car charger (DC 12V / 100cm-cable) - 1 x AC 100~240V power adapter (US plug / 100cm-cable) - 1 x Filter - 1 x Double-Adhesive sticker - 1 x English user manual