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dimming style relay 12v led car drl daytime running lights with fog lamp hole for mazda 3 axela 2014 2015 купить по лучшей цене

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Note: Please refer to: http://dx.com/p/fc-17-l-12v-light-operated-switch-photosensitive-resistance-and-relay-module-blue-173023 - Color: Blue - Material: PCB - Input voltage: DC 12V - Input current: >100mA - Current load: 250V 10A / 30V 10A (Max.) - Sensitive photo resistor sensor with relay auto control the load - With potentiometer adjust sensitivity and set relay threshold value - 12V input special for relay On-board 78L05 voltage regulation triode - With 4 fixed screw holes for easy installation - Uses wide voltage LM393 comparator - Photo resistor sensor with relay module for street lamp and DIY projects etc. - Comes with jumper wire cap and 50cm lead cable