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The making of bags and purses with leather is one of the oldest and most universal of its uses. This fascinating book is intended to offer a selection of simple and practical shapes, giving the fullest value to the beauty of the material itself rather than emphasising the decoration. A brilliant book full of helpful diagrams and illustrations, 'Leather Bags and Purses' is the ideal book for anyone looking to start or further a hobby in leathercrafting. Chapters included in this text are: 'Tools and their Uses', 'Thonging', 'Modelling Leather', 'Staining', 'Lining', 'Handsewing', 'How to Fix Press-Stud Fasteners', 'Circular Purse', 'Folded Purse', 'Round Purse', 'Handsewn Oblong Purse', 'An Afternoon Bag', 'Opera Bag', 'Bag with Decorative Fastening and Small Purse', and many more. We are proud to republish this antique book here complete with a new introduction to the subject.