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dc dc boost converter 10v 32v to 12v 35v step up power supply module 150w 10a купить по лучшей цене

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Model FC-16-K Quantity 1 Color Blue Material PCB Features Dual-panel design PCB 2-channel independent self-lock design noninterference; stable and reliable performance chip good anti-interference performance not spurious triggering; With high power stabilivolt to supply enough stable voltage with enough heat dissipation hole to ensure the module for long time stable and reliable working; With anti-power reversed diode will not damage the module if reverse in a short time; Wide range voltage DC 7~14 power supply can make the module in steady operation; Using SONGLE to control the load it can bear the load of 250V 10 (AC) and 30V 10 (AC); Can connect the external trigger switch with connector and lead for convenient to use; The trigger supports other sensor module to trig it works for low level trigger Specification Power supply voltage: DC 7~14V Power supply current: >200mA; Load: 250V 10A (AC) or 30V 10A (Dc); Lifespan: 1000000 times Application Press the trigger button the relay will connect press again it will disconnect; Also can connect external trigger and use the low level trigger; Use to control household appliances household light and factory equipment; Use to the small current to control the high voltage power device English Manual/Spec No supplies wiring illustration Packing List 1 x Relay module 1 x Jumper cap 1 x 3-pin external trigger cable (50cm)