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cvbs hdmi to hdmi converter av to hdmi hd video adapter convert 480i ntsc 576i pal to 720p 1080p for game player dvd tv stb купить по лучшей цене

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Brand N/A Qty 1 Color Black + white Material Aluminum alloy + ABS Interface Type RCA / HDMI Application HDMI to AV converter is able to convert the digital HDMI signal into an analog composite video signal and R / L audio signals. It allows you to use the traditional VGA monitor or projector to watch movies or play games with the enjoyment the same high-definition picture and sound Other Features HDMI to CVBS signal converter which can converts the HDMI digital signal into AV (CVBS) composite video signal and the FL / FR stereo audio signals; The high-definition HDMI video signal into a regular TV VHS video player DVD recorders etc. can receive CVBS signal (standard definition 480i 576i); Supports NTSC / PAL standards; Input HDMI format: 480p (60Hz) 576P (50Hz) 720p (50Hz / 60Hz) 1080i (50Hz / 60Hz) 1080p (50Hz / 60Hz); Output signal: CVBS(1.0Vp-p); Output video signal impedance: 75ohm; Plug and play; Auto HDCP identification; Carried by the front-end HDMI KEY (HDCP) to forcibly release; The HDMI digital audio through the DAC digital-analog chip processing into AUDIO analog stereo sound; Using the most advanced video processing technology the image brightness contrast and color enhancement processing; Compatible with HDMI 1.3a standard; Supports HDCP protocol; Power supply: 5V; Working temperature: -25'C~85'C; Working humidity: 10%~60%; With image zooming function. Packing List 1 x Signal converter 1 x 2-flat-pin plug power adapter (100~240V / 146cm)