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Produced for Leisure Arts by Rita Weiss and The Creative Partners, Crochet Hats and Scarves for Kids presents a variety of warm sets to make for girls and boys. Projects include Little Boy’s Baseball Cap, Heads Up girl’s brimmed hat, Ruffle Delight Hat and Scarf, Baby’s Elf Hat, Houndstooth Hat and Scarf, Teen’s Ski Cap, Old-Fashioned Stocking Cap, Baby to Kid Hat, Big and Little Sister Hats and Scarf, Denim Beauty beret, Fun Hat and Scarf, Pinwheel Hat and Scarf, Sheepskin Hat, Little Lindy’s Aviator Hat, Visor Cap, Easter Parade Hat, Big Bloom Hat, Brimming With Love Hat, Cuffed Cutie, Snazzy Hat, Reversing the Beanie hat, Brimming with Fun Scarf and Cap, and Variegated Hat and Scarf.