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c51 rechargeable invisible complete in ear digital hearing aid 2 channels 4 bands usb rechargeable cic hearing aids купить по лучшей цене

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Introduction: Convenient wear Low noise, low distortion; For people with severe hearing loss; Product use hearing assistive devices. The scope of application of gas conduction hearing disorders. Taboos otitis media or ear suppuration who are disabled. Technical indicators: Maximum saturation sound pressure level of 129dB 4dB Full profile acoustic gain 38dB Frequency range of 450Hz ~ 3800Hz Power Supply Voltage 1.5V Battery model LR44 Features: Maximum saturation sound pressure level: 129dB 4dB Full sound gain: 38dB Harmonic distortion: 15% f 1000Hz 10% Frequency Response: 450Hz ~ 3800Hz Equivalent Input Noise: 30 dB Operating voltage: 1.5V Working current: