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Independent 128M Cache Memory Balance the speed between high speed devices and low speed devices, guarantee the operation speed as one main body. Less Time to Turn On Your PC With the power on speed which is ten times faster than the ordinary hard disk drive, this SSD could save your previous time used for waiting before. Faster React to Operate Thanks to the HLS dual reading and writing technology, the SSD can provide a faster reaction time to improve the efficiency, making you start to love your job and deal with it more calm. Delightful Gaming Experience High speed reaction, game start in seconds, and no more stuck or break down, you will find it rather delightful to play games with this SSD which equipped with SATA 6GB/s port, DDR3 high speed cache and HLS technology. High Speed Reading and Writing Ten times faster than the ordinary hard disk drive, the HLS dual read and write technology provides you a faster and stable file transmission speed to save time. Specification Model OSC-SSD-001 Type 2.5 inch solid state drive Memory 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB Interface Port Type SATA3(6Gb/s) Cache Memory 128MB Color Gold Size 100 x 69.8 x 7mm Weight 54.8g Particle MLC/TLC/NAND flash TRIM Supported Main Control SMI2236/2256 Operation Power 2.5W Working Temperature 0-70°C