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black elbow design 6mm pu tube to 1 8 pt male thread pneumatic quick fittings joint connector 5 pcs купить по лучшей цене

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2 solenoid valves are connected on a base 2 position 5 way and single head design. Consisted of 2 solenoid valves and base built-in quick fittings and solenoid valve mufflers. It is applied widely to the pneumatic system and mechanismsuch as textile industrylight industry and chemical industryetc Features: Category: Pneumatic Valves Type: 5 Ports 4 Way 2 Position Single Solenoid Valve with Spring Return Manual Override Model: 4V210-08 External Material: Metal Plastic Working Voltage: AC 220V ​Voltage Range: AC 187V~253V 50/60Hz Operating Temperature: -5~50°C Excitation Time: 0.05 Second Ports: G 1/4 Exhaust: G 1/8 IP65 Waterproof rating Flow Rate: 0.89 Pressure: 0-118 PSI(0.15-0.8 MPa) Body Material: Aluminum