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3 in 1 U Shaped Neck Pillow / Scarf / Shawl Multifunctional for Travel 3 in 1 design, you can use it as a U shaped pillow, or scarf, or wraps and shawls. U shaped neck pillow, soft and comfortable, you can have a good sleep in an airplane. Have a healthy body, say goodbye to the neck problem. Scarf or wraps and shawls, help you get rid of coldness. It is also a creative gift for your kids or friends. Ideal for added support while on a plane, watching TV, and reading in a car. Specifications Material Down jacket Fabric & Fleece Product Size 170L x 80W cm (Extended) Package Weight 200g Package Size 30L x 30W x 15Hcm Package Contents 1 x U Shaped Neck Pillow