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Contained within this book is a comprehensive guide to re-upholstering home seating, including step-by-step guides on chairs, stools, and settees. Complete with easy-to-follow instructions and a plethora of helpful, detailed diagrams and photographs, this text is perfect for those with little re-upholstering experience and makes for a valuable addition to collections of DIY literature. The chapters of this book are: 'Loose Seats and Pincushion Seats'; 'Dining Chairs with Stuff-Over Seats'; 'Stools', 'Slipper Box', 'Kiddy's Fireside Chair'; 'Fireside Easy Chair'; 'Cushion Seat Easy Chair'; 'Hammock Chair'; 'Fireside Chair'; 'Wing Armchair'; 'Adjustable Easy Chair', 'Chair with Bentwood Arms' and 'Inexpensive Small Settee'. We are proud to republish this antique book here complete with a new introduction on the history of upholstery.