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With Loom Knit Samplers from Leisure Arts, its easy to loom knit afghans of any size. You simply create strips using your choice of 35 stitch patterns. Follow Kathy Norriss designs for a baby wrap, a lap throw, or a full-size afghan -- or create your own arrangement. Blank worksheets are included for planning afghans with five strips (of single patterns), seven strips (with two or three blocks each), and 12 blocks (four strips of three blocks each). The stitch patterns will work with looms of any gauge, using various yarn weights that are suitable for the chosen loom. Patterns include Granite Stitch, Double Garter Rib, Andalusian Stitch, Harris Tweed Rib, Seeded Rib, Double Moss Stitch, Corkscrew Cable, Double Cable Downwards, and many more.