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This book presents an experimental study of the evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties of a clad aluminum alloy during post-deformation heat treatment processes. The clad aluminum alloy studied is a popular automotive aluminum alloy called Fusion, manufactured by Novelis Inc. The alloy system includes a core AA6XXX heat treatable aluminum alloy clad with a softer AA3003 series alloy. Microstructural parameters are studied using a novel X-ray diffraction peak broadening method. Evolution of microstructural parameters and mechanical properties during heat treatment schedules is observed in order to characterize the static recovery behaviour of the alloy. Very different recovery behaviours are observed at the inter-alloy region and in the monolithic layers. Through-thickness variation in recovery behaviour of the alloy is explained from a physical metallurgical stand point. Although the recovery behaviour of different monolithic aluminum alloys is well investigated, but similar study at the inter-alloy region of a composite aluminum alloy is a novel approach, and presented here for the first time. A Master’s dissertation by Debartha Bag, Queen’s University, Canada.