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alkaline water ionizer hk 8018 with 2 pre filters and 1 inside filter купить по лучшей цене

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Quality PP Cotton Filter Effectively filters sediment, rust, red worms, hair, fibers and other large impurities. Pre-carbon Filter Effectively filters peculiar smell, chlorine, etc. RO Reverse Osmosis Technology Effectively remove organic matter, bacteria, heavy metals. Post-carbon Filter Activated coconut carbon filter, improves taste of water. Eliminate rate of 99.9% bacteria, 99.7% organic matter, 99.9% heavy metals, 100% antibiotic. Reminds You to Change Filters Intelligently calculates filter usage based on water amount, time and quality. Filters can be purchased direct from the phone app. Specifications Brand Xiaomi Package Weight 350g Product Size 30L x 20W x 20H cm Package 1 x Xiaomi Preposition Activated Carbon Filter