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Lack of potable water has always been a problem for many communities, especially in developing countries, and Ilaje in Nigeria is not an exception to this lack of healthy water. This study was focused on current water situation in Ilaje, hence,investigating the market potential for purified potable water in the region. There are series of reports from the United Nations and various other organizations about future shortage of water. These reports have stressed that among the world''s strategic resources such as oil, land, coal etc., none of them will be more valuable than fresh water in the coming decades. The oil rich Ilaje region has a population of approximately three hundred thousand (300,000) inhabitants. Despite being surrounded with water, it was found that drinking waters are supplied to Ilaje communities from neighbouring towns through motor trucks; the closest town is about 25km away from Ilaje, and the purity of the water is not guaranteed. Based on all the information gathered, Ilaje remains a potential market for healthy potable water.