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alkaline water ionizer 3 plate to change your daily drinking water to be healthy water купить по лучшей цене

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According to individual needs, user can custom drinking plan, then it will regularly remind and monitor you to form a habit, which act as your health housekeeper. Dear, it’s time to drink: According to individual needs, custom water plan, regularly remind. Daily data records analyzed, form a habit: Daily data analyzing, form a good habit. Able to record daily drink data by mobile phone App, according to the data, you can summarize whether your drink plan fit for you or not, CloudCUP could help you form a good habit, and stay healthy. Separate smart design, exclusive six big advantages: Able to separate the Cup and Smart parts, only the CloudCUP can put into high temperature disinfection cabinet to distinfect. Washable and soak for healthy: Other smart cup will be destroyed if soak into water, but CloudCUP smart parts can disassembly, only CloudCUP can soak into water. Power more durable: The CloudCUP with AAA battery, high capacity, convenience to change the battery, touch switch patent available, detective the cup is working or not exactly, and save power. Alarm clock remind for drink: CloudCUP built-in alarm clock remind for drink, able to remind you to drink in time according to App set up time. It can take care of your health even you don’t take phone. Set the secret of CloudCUP: Smart kernel and cup body separate design patent structure of magnetic metal connector, high quality material, good craftsmanship. Specifications BrandVSON Wireless TransmissionLower power Bluetooth 4.0 Volume420ml Precise of Measure ± 5ml Smallest Scale 1ml WaterproofSoak the cup body and clean Battery AAA x 2 MaterialImported stainless steel 304 material, environmental protection AS + ABS Radiation No Product Size 200 x 78 mm Product Weight 376 g Package 1 x Coffee Mug