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Description : COMWELL CL-R03 DIY Negative Ions Anion Generator Ionizer Purifier Refrigerator Air Conditioning This is Negative ions generator, with high temperature resistance, easy to use, can work stable in long term. Can be installed to the refrigerator, air conditioning, electric fan, light bulbs, air cleaner, hair dryer and other household appliances. Specification : Name : COMWELL air purifer Type : CL-R03 Working principle : Electrostatic technology, Negative ions Size : 15 x 25mm/0.59 x 0.98inch Certification : UL(E252411) TUV, CQC etc and ROHS environmental protection certification. Input vlotage : AC 100~240V 50HZ Input current : 10mA Power : 1~3W Output high voltage : 2.5KV Anion density : 3500000 ion Ozone density :