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Reading Explorer is a six-level reading series which uses carefully adapted National Geographic text, images and video to develop reading and vocabulary skills for learners of English. Stunning real-world content supported by stunning visuals develops learners' understanding of the wider world in which they live. Reading passages introduce a variety of text types, develop visual literacy, and incorporate graphic organizers, to help learners become better readers in English. Reading Comprehension activities include question types commonly found on high-stakes international exams. Vocabulary Practice activities build awareness of high-frequency vocabulary items and provide additional mini-passages for reading practice. Vocabulary Builder boxes highlight common collocations, affixes, and usage to develop learner independence. Video Activities include step-by-step activities for additional comprehension and vocabulary practice while motivating students to learn more about a topic. Review Units recycle vocabulary and reading skills through a vocabulary review and a magazine-like spotlight on UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Student CD-ROM contains all 12 video clips, 24 reading passages and 48 vocabulary activities with additional self-scoring exercises.