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Energy English is an essential resource for professionals working in the gas and electricity industries who need to improve their communication skills. Ideal for self-study or classroom use, Energy English contains 24 topic-based units, and 12 business communication skills units. The topic-based units cover areas such as electricity transmission and gas exploration and production. Aimed primarily at building relevant vocabulary, these units also contain listening, reading, grammar and pronunciation exercises. The 12 business communication skills units are aimed at developing fluency and cover key speaking and writing tasks such as Presenting and Negotiating. In addition, there is an extensive grammar section, a full answer key and an audio script. The accompanying MP3 CD contains all the listening, pronunciation and recorded speaking activities. A Teacher's Book is available containing ideas on how to use the material in class or with individual students, and additional photocopiable communication activities. The audio is also available as a two-CD classroom set.