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7 inch dragon handle professional grooming tool goods for pets japanese 440c steel cutting thinning shears for dog cat купить по лучшей цене

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This pet undercoat rake comb is a dematting tool, suitable for pet fur grooming and daily massage. This undercoat rake will help to ensure that your pet remains looking their best, knot free and with a shiny coat. The comb is also designed with a soft grip handle for extra comfort and control. Suitable for your loving pets of all size, quickly and gently remove loose hair, mats, and tangles with minimal tearing and cutting. Two Sides Blades Quickly and easily remove loose hair, especially thick undercoats. Great for shaping, finishing, thinning and de-shedding. Function Quickly and easily remove loose hair, mats and tangles with minimal cutting. Suitable for pet fur grooming and daily massage, make your pet fur shinier. Ergonomic Non-slip Handle Comfortable handles with ultra durable, solid tang construction, easy to hold. Rounded Teeth Make it safer and more comfortable on pet skin. Application Suitable for small-medium dog and cat and other pets. Specifications Material TPE, PP, rubber Length 18cm Teeth Width 5cm Weight 100g Certification CE Package Contents 1 x Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake Comb