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Brand Measy Model U2C-D Qty 1 piece(s) per pack Color White Material Plastic Specification MEASY U2C-D is an Android smart extended device; it can extend one USB port of Google TV player or tablet PC into four USB ports and one SD/MMC card port; Then it makes a Google TV player become an Android box and makes a tablet PC become a desktop computer Other Features HDMI interface supports 30 degree rotation; It is best to be used for the Google TV player which supports built-in camera; Power interface: Micro USB and DC 3.0; Input power: 5V / 2A; USB ports: 3 x USB 2.0 ports; Card slot: SD / MMC card; USB male A cable: Connect to Google TV player USB female A extended USB ports and SD card slot; Micro USB cable: Connect power port of Google TV player and supply power; HDMI interface of the holder: Used for connecting TV with HDMI cable; Rotation HDMI interface: Used for connecting Google TV player; Power switch: Built-in Packing List 1 x Holder dock (14cm-cable)