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5pcs lot max98400b 98400b stereo high power class d amplifier differential input power limiting and excellent emi performance купить по лучшей цене

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The xDuoo Amp has been created with a built-in overvoltage and overcurrent protection to prevent any potential damage caused to the amplifier if the input voltage or current exceeds the maximum limit. With a aluminium shielded case, this will prevent any external noises interfering with your listening experience. Arriving with dual 6JI tubes that can be easily rolled, a Japanese ELNA red capacitance for warmer tones and an aluminum case, the xDuoo TA-02 Tube Amp give your the power you need to drive nearly any pair of headphones. Dual 6JI tubes Adopt double 6JI tube for pre-amp, making voice sweet and exquisite. OP+ transistors for Class A buffer Adopt transistors for class A buffer, built-in +/-15V for OCL (output capacitor-less) circuit, so it can easily drive any kind of low resistance earphones with strong load capacity. Japanese ELNA red capacitance Make sounds thorough and sweet, soft and warm, high-frequency and magnificent. Drive any pair of headphones Since the TA-02 can handle impedances up to 600 ohm, it's the perfect complement to your high-end, power-hungry headphones. DC 12V adapter It uses DC 12V adapter for power supply, through professional boost circuit, making sure the tube is worked at its best condition. Protection Built-in overvoltage/overcurrent protection, so that it can be prevented damage to the amplifier if the input voltage/current exceeds the limit value. Mute circuit Built-in mute circuit when turn on amplifier to avoid POP noise and make sure the tube is worked at its best condition. Aluminum-shielded case Use aluminum-shielded case to prevent external interference noise. Connect to the audio device: Connect the audio device to the Line-in port of the unit via a audio cable (not included). Playback music on the connected audio device, and then connect the headphones to the unit, enjoying fabulous music. Specifications Brand xDuoo Model TA-02 Input RCA (L, R) Output 1/4 inch (6.3mm) headphone jack Power Source  DC12V 2A adapter Output Power 780mW (32 ohm load) Frequency Range 10Hz-100KHz(±0.5dB) Gain +15dB THD+N 0.1%(1KHz) S/N 110dB Suitable Earphone Impedance 16-600 ohm  Product Weight  260g Product Size  151 x 84 x 70mm Package Contents 1 x xDuoo TA-02 Headphoen Amp, 1 x DC 12V Power Adapter, 1 x Manual