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50pcs micro usb connector 5pin seat jack micro usb dip4 legs four legs inserting plate seat mini usb connector for mobile phone купить по лучшей цене

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The MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) Adapter is an accessory made with one purpose in mind to connect your MHL Host like MHL Phone or Tablet to your VGA input device (LCD monitor TV Projector) for viewing content on a larger screen. This state-of-the-art technology connects your MHL Host to your monitor or TV from the micro USB port to the VGA port; Uses a single thin adapter to connect the mobile device to the VGA display device. Connect Micro USB Female port to Computer or Power Adapter for charging and getting power using a Micro USB to USB M/M cable. Without any setting restart after connection to source output. Audio output: 3.5mm Audio Jack. Silver Alloy Shell Charging Port: Micro USB. The 3.5mm Audio Cable and Micro USB Cable is not included. The Micro USB Connector is 5pin connector can work for Most of 5pin connector MHL phone or Tablet like HTC One M7 Galaxy S2 i9100 i9220 i9250. (Please note it cannot work for Samsung 11pin MHL like S3 i9300 S4 i9500 S5 i9600 Note2 N7100 Note3 N9000 Etc.)