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2015 new arrival 12v 12volt 40a auto automotive relay socket 40 amp relay купить по лучшей цене

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This Mini Remote Relay Switch Receiver Normally Open Close Switch will simplify your low-voltage project and forget about the messy wiring. Easy to install and use. Features Eliminate the trouble of messy wiring and time consuming work. Saving time and money by using a wireless remote to switch on your load from a distance. Momentary: Press one button is working /ON. loosen your finger on the same button is stop/OFF. Toggle: Press one button for one time is working/ON, and press it again is stop/OFF. Latched: Press one button is working/ON, and press another is stop/OFF. Super long range. Stronger anti-interference. High-sensitivity. Specifications Working Voltage DC 3.5V - DC 12V Max Load 1A Quiescent Current 5ma Relay Working Current 20-30ma Package Contents1 x Receiver, 2 x Transmitter