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1x addressable sk9822 rgb led matrix flexible dot matrix display with fiber plate 28 28leds 30 20leds 14 14leds free shipping купить по лучшей цене

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Brand Jtron Model 03100442 Quantity 1 Color Red Material Glass fiber Specification Supply voltage: DC 5V Current: 5A Features 16 x 16 dot matrix integration module Application 16 x 16 dot matrix integration module English Manual/Spec NO Other 16 x 16 Dot Matrix Integration Module; This display is a 16 x 16 dot matrix LED screen that can display a character able to display the entire line on the move the curtain into the curtain out left right and so on. Principle: Each row consists of two 74HC138 decoder composed of 4-16 + transistor drive; Each column cascade driven by the two 74HC595; When the line output high low column output crosspoint LED is lit; 3 LCD12864 compatible interfaces plug and play. Circuit board is double-sided PCB with component soldered using wave soldering process the module consists of four dot-matrix LED 2 argument string into and out of the column control chip 74HC595 74HC138 2 decoding chip to control the composition of the line while retaining the 8 control port draw through the pin the user can use the DuPont lines or other cables connected to the microcontroller to control use. Packing List 5 x Shorting caps 1 x dot matrix module 1 x 8P Data Cable (17.5cm) 2 x Powered cable with DuPont (18cm) 1 x Output and input data port stripped headers 1 x LCD12864 Interface stripped headers (according to their needs welding)