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1pc stamford generator avr mx341 for permanent magnet generator купить по лучшей цене

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Description : 10W 4.2/ 5/ 12/ 80V DC Hydroelectric Power Micro-hydro Generator Portable Water Charger Features : 1. Unique hydropower separation technology, with unique dual clutch, magnetic circuit coupling volume is only about 4/5 of the normal micro hydroelectric generator, the output power is 2 to 3 times higher than the ordinary generator. 2. High efficiency, long life of waterway design and low flow loss, low water pressure, load short circuiting, also can start smoothly. 3. 4.2V/ 5V/ 12V/ 80V, total 4 models for option~ 1). F50-80V : 0 to 80V DC output, generator without regulating circuit, peak voltage reach 80V, can be directly charging for 3-12V 10W LED lights or for small storage battery, the charging current is 220 ma, because when charging the battery in the same time it also being used in a timely manner, so the voltage automatically maintain at about 14V, so it can keep the right voltage for the storage battery charging. 2). F50-12V : 12V DC voltage output, can give the power or recharge for the radio with 12V working voltage, or for the LED. 3). F50-4.2V : 4.2V DC output, can recharge for the ordinary lithium battery etc. 4). F50-5V : 5V DC voltage output, can charging for the mobile phone, can also recharge for the ordinary lithium battery with management chip etc. Specification : 1. Water inlet/outlet : 1/2" 2. Output Voltage : 4.2V/ 5V/ 12V/ 80V 3. Max power : 10W 4. Output Current : max 220Ma 5. Outlet closed highest pressure : 0.6MP 6. Outlet opening the highest pressure : 1.2MP 7. Startup pressure 0.05 Mpa 8. Working Temperature Range : 5C ~ 85C Dimensions : This SKU is from a product's request by customer Rod Con. Thanks very much for him : ) Package includes : 1 x 10W DC Hydroelectric Power Micro-hydro Generator (4.2V/ 5V/ 12V/ 80V optional~) Details pictures :