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A study was conducted to determine the fluoride release from Giomer and Compomer, using different topical fluoride regimes and to compare the amount of fluoride release from Giomer to that of Compomer.Forty eight specimen of each Giomer and Compomer were divided into four treatment groups namely, control group ,fluoridated dentifrice(500 ppm) once daily group, fluoridated dentifrice(500 ppm) twice daily group, fluoridated dentifrice(500 ppm) once daily+fluoridated mouthwash(225 ppm) group. Each specimen was suspended in demineralising solution for 6hrs and remineralising solution for 18hrs.Fluoride release was measured in both the demineralising solution and remineralising solution daily for 21 days. Total daily fluoride release for each specimen was calculated by adding the amount released in the demineralising solution to that released in remineralising solution.