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030904 ntag203 chip nfc smart label for samsung n3 s4 light purple deep purple yellow 7pcs купить по лучшей цене

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Chip: Ntag 203; Storage capacity: 144byte; Working frequency: 13.56MHz; Reading writing distance: 0~5cm; Reading distance is related with operating environment and reader power (such as round one posted on cell phone models the reading distance is 20mm/15-20mm); Reading / writing time: 1~2ms; Working temperature: -20C~55C; (Humidity 90%); Eraser times: >100000 times; Data hold: >10 years; Specification: 30mm; Same function with Sony Xepria Samsung TecTile. Blank and can download some free sofware such as “NFC Task Launcher” and edit the lable the tag can be write and erase for many times. Android NFC mobile phones can download the corresponding NFC reading and writing software from the Google Play in the Android Market also has a lot of free software