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кабель для мобильных телефонов usb otg adapter 2015 usb otg samsung s2 s3 s4 android tablet pc micro usb otg adapter купить по лучшей цене

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Description Working States: For most Android models Support Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5, GALAXY Tab3 8.0, Sony Xperia NX-02D, Sony Xperia acro HDIS12S, Toshiba REGZA Phone-T01D, and Sony S-series Tablet. Other models. OTG USB HUB data exchange or charging mode USB interface can be connected to the U disk, mouse, keyboard, gamepad, printers and other USB devices. When the switch is in "Charge",achieved through an external power supply to charge the phone function. When the switch is placed" OTG " the phone can read three external USB devices. Please note:Charging mode and data exchange mode can not work simultaneously It works only for some models of Samsung, as Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note3, ThinkPad 8. When it is in this case, you must place the switch to "Charge". Features: This is a multifunctional USB OTG Host Hub Adapter Cable. Compatible with all tablets and cellphones with OTG function, such as Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Tab 3,2 ,Note 10.1 and so on. Three ports with USB design can connect the keyboard,mouse,card reader,and so on(can't connect hard disk). One power USB port can connect original charger to supply power for flash disk, card reader, mouse, keyboard and so on. It's really portable and practical. It can greatly save your working space and you can easily take it to everywhere. Specifications: Length: 20cm Package include 1 x 4 Port Micro USB Power Charging OTG Hub Cable