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The governor using PWM control technology with high conversion efficiency wide speed range stable performance characteristics with high-quality potentiometers and third gear positive inversion switch Usage: 1. Connect the power cord ensure the reversing switch in the middle of the zero position connect the DC power supply make sure the DC supply voltage range greater than 10V less than 30V make sure the power output to meet the needs of the motor work. Do not reverse the positive and negative terminals of the DC power supply otherwise it may damage the governor Connect the motor the motor line can be positive or negative regardless of when the defense is inconsistent with the expected direction the direction can be changed by adjusting the line sequence or switch position; 2 adjustment switch positive inversion switch is used to control the motor speed direction when the switch is in the zero position the motor is stopped; 3 potentiometer knob to adjust the potentiometer knob to change the governor output duty cycle the motor speed change. Use 0-10V external voltage control wiring instructions: The governor supports the use of an external DC voltage control speed use the following steps: 1 Remove the potentiometer. (You can tear down the side of the circuit board from the side or potentiometer need to decide) 2 connect 0-10V DC control signal to the middle pin potentiometer 3 0-10V connected to the DC control signal to the potentiometer to the right of the ground pin