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[bb]mean well original rsp 150 24 3pcs 24v 6 3a meanwell rsp 150 24v 151 2w single output with pfc function power supply купить по лучшей цене

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Module type: Non-isolated Buck (BUCK); Rectification: Synchronous rectification; Input voltage: 7V~24V; Output voltage: 5V; Output current: 4A (in short time); Conversion rate: 96% (MAX); Switch frequency: 340kHz; Output wave: 30mV (MAX); Load Regulation: +/- 0.5%; Voltage Regulation: +/-2.5%; Working temperature: -40'C~85'C. Product features: The power module is based on the Japanese origin of KIS3R33S module-specific design; Current continuous output 2.5A peak 4A output; Can provide 3A continuous load curren; Super high efficience low loss; With USB identification function; Fully supports IPHONE IPAD Nokia N8; Use low ESR Sanyo original filter capacitor ripple which makes the voltage as low as 30mV.